I find it interesting to watch how people work with their clients. So, I decided that today I am going to talk about how to build relationships with potential clients.
I have found that coming across as a consultant results in people trusting and valuing you. Years ago, I took a sales training class where they talked about how you cannot go into a situation feeling like you need the money. If you go in thinking that you are financially secure, you are going to build a relationship with that potential client.
I come from a place of giving back to my clients. When you meet someone, you really want to listen to what they are looking for and decide if you are really able to help them. If you are not able, tell them. You will get much further in life with your client by being honest.
Sometimes this means that you must be a little confrontational. I am personally not great at being confrontational, so I try to tone it down. For agents who have a really hard time with needing to be liked by everyone, this can be a little challenging.

“The client needs to understand that they will not necessarily get everything that they want.”
An example of this is when you have a client who has specific wants. They want a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home within walking distance to downtown and is completely updated for $500,000. This is not possible, but some agents will neglect to tell their clients this and instead tell them they will find it.
The client needs to understand that they will not necessarily get everything that they want. When they start their home search and discover that nothing is matching well, that is a problem. It is your job to guide them using your communication skills. You must have those uncomfortable conversations so you don’t end up showing them 20 homes and none of them match. If this happens, they will eventually go to another agent.
You really have to understand what a client is looking for and be honest with them. You need to guide them and communicate with them that they may not get exactly what they want. Being honest may lead to you not getting the sale, but the client will view you as trustworthy.
So, when I am working with people, I really try and connect with them as a consultant. I provide them information about the real estate industry and am sure to be myself. I enjoy hearing their story and deciding if I can help them or not.
To find out more about how to build relationships with your clients, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to speak with you further about this.