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Looking for a rewarding real estate career in Chicago, IL? We’re hiring in the Northern Chicagoland which includes the North Shore, Northwest suburbs, and Lake County! Get the culture, leads, accountability, processes, and strategies to sell homes. Make a great living. Training provided. No experience necessary. Flexible hours. Sell your first home in 90 days guaranteed. Apply now.

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Kati Spaniak
Kati Spaniak

Dear Real Estate Agent,

We are looking for both new and experienced real estate agents who want to succeed at a high level in their real estate careers both financially and professionally. They are searching for the highest commission split and the best coaching. These agents are generally independent thinkers and have bigger aspirations for their businesses than most of their real estate counterparts.

The agents we are seeking are excited about the opportunity to earn additional sources of revenue other than just selling real estate. They value education, and they don't need a physical office and rarely go into their current brokerage as it is. These agents are excited about technology and the idea of a virtual office so they can take their business literally anywhere in the world.

One of the major factors impacting both new and experienced agents alike is the lack of financial stability in the real estate industry. Income can be erratic and splits paid to the brokerage can be tremendously significant.

There are no ways to generate revenue other than selling one house after another after another. It is an exhausting hamster wheel that causes four out of every five agents to leave the industry after just five years.

These agents are losing sleep about their lack of income, they don’t have any prospects in their pipeline and they don’t know how they are going to pay their bills. They know they need more help but they cannot afford to pay for a coach. In addition, they are frustrated how much they are paying in splits and fees to their brokerage.

Fortunately, we have the solution for these agents. We are the Spaniak Team - eXp Realty. We are one of the top real estate teams on the North Shore of Chicago. Our business went from $0 to over $200 million in sales volume in just seven years, with more than 300 homes sold. And now we want to teach other agents how to grow their businesses the same way we did.

We have been affiliated with other brokerages in the Chicagoland area and have found that our current situation at eXp Realty is the most financially rewarding and the most successful. During the year that we moved from our previous brokerage to eXp Realty our sales volume increased from $37 million to $51 million.

We are currently looking for new and experienced agents who want to make over $100,000 a year, and we want to show them how to do it. We are giving these agents the opportunity to learn from us and the coaching we have received from nationally-known real estate coaches from around the country.

We will share our resources, our knowledge, and our processes to both new and experienced agents. We will provide extensive coaching and explain how to not work all day, every day while increasing revenue and lowering stress.

When an agent joins eXp Realty through the Spaniak Team, they are supported, guided, and coached in order to become more successful in their careers. Our team works with agents on how to convert leads, sell real estate, promote, and market themselves and their businesses.

Throughout our relationship with agents, we provide leads that we are too busy to work. We also provide the opportunity to host our heavily attended open houses with no fees paid to the Spaniak Team. We are also in search of awesome showing assistants. These assistants will show homes to these already signed clients and will receive a commission from those deals.

As an added bonus to the opportunity, education and coaching we provide, we also offer the ability to earn thousands of dollars a month in passive income through revenue share. This revenue share potential can realistically grow into the hundreds of thousands a year. The income potential in Illinois is greater than other parts of the country because eXp has not yet saturated this area.

While this is an open invitation, acceptance is not guaranteed. Not everyone who wants to work with us will earn a spot to learn and grow with us. We only want to work with agents who are committed to their own growth and are willing to put in the time and effort to make themselves more successful.

The sooner that agents respond to this offer, the sooner they will be able to grow their businesses through coaching and participate in revenue share. Many agents have regretted waiting to start building their revenue share because of the growth potential that is out there.

What are the most frequently asked questions:

What type of coaching will the Spaniak Team provide?

  • We provide one group training session at least once a week.
  • We provide daily educational content on how to build a real estate business that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through eXpWorld
  • We provide videos, written documentation and direction weekly
  • We will provide all access to what we've done to grow our business

What is the split with eXp Realty?

Agents will receive an 80/20 split until the $16,000 CAP (approximately $3,300,000 in volume) has been hit, and then the percentage to the agent becomes 100% until the CAP is reset on the agent’s anniversary date.

Is there a lead generation and CRM website that I will get?

The agent will be provided a complete CRM lead generation platform in the form of Commissions Inc and KVcore. Many leads can be obtained through the agent’s KVcore site.

What is revenue share?

Agents at eXp can receive revenue share from the people they sponsor into the company, up to 3.5% gross commission on their transactions. Keep earning residuals forever while the agent is productive with eXp Realty and until they reach the annual cap.

Revenue share is paid by eXp company dollars and doesn’t reduce agent commission, and there’s no limit to the amount agents can earn. Can I sit the Spaniak Team Open Houses? And if so, do I have to pay a commission to them?

Agents are encouraged to host the Spaniak Team Open Houses and keep all of the leads for themselves without any referral fees paid to the Spaniak Team.

Will there be an opportunity for leads provided to me by the Spaniak Team?

Yes! Agents have the chance to receive additional leads from the Spaniak Team that we are not working.

What are the monthly fees? And what does that include?

  • eXp Realty charges a $89 monthly technology fee.
  • Group coaching is included for free

What are the additional fees if any?

  • None if the agent doesn’t want to use office space in Northbrook
  • $150 monthly fee if agents want to use the office in Northbrook and have access to use the printer and the conference room.
  • A $500 monthly fee is for agents who want to participate in one-on-one coaching with Kati Spaniak. This includes two one-hour sessions per month.

Why would I want to join eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is a virtual brokerage and one of the most up and coming brokerages in the country. With its unique revenue share model, there are many ways that agents can supplement their income in additional ways other than selling real estate.

eXp is a publicly traded company. As an agent with eXp Realty, there are many opportunities given for stock awards. The agent is presented with stock upon completion of their first transaction and his or her first sponsored agent. In addition, if an agent is awarded ICON status, he or she is awarded stock back in the same amount as the CAP of $16,000.

In closing, we believe we have mastered selling real estate in the Chicagoland area, and we want to share it with other agents to build this community and this profession. Don’t make a decision to affiliate with another brokerage without at least having an introductory conversation with the Spaniak Team at eXp Realty.


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