Let’s talk about leads. What is a lead? A lead is somebody who’s going to buy and sell. It’s somebody who calls you and says they’d love to buy a house with you. It’s somebody who says they’d love to sell a house with you. Or is a lead somebody’s information that you get you put into your system and then you cultivate that relationship? When somebody tells you they have a great system for you to get leads, buy leads, or you’re going to get so many leads by coming to work with them, I want you to really think about what a lead means.

“The bottom line is that a lead is not just a name.”

The bottom line is that a lead is not just a name. A lead is somebody with whom you build a relationship and a rapport. It’s somebody who trusts you as a consultant. That’s the difference, so when you hear people saying you can buy all these leads, the real question is how many of those people can you build rapport with?

I’ve spent so much money on so many different lead sources. I’ve honestly done everything, so I created this program on how to never buy a lead again. It doesn’t mean you don’t do marketing. It’s about what a lead really means and how to get those people connecting with you and calling you without paying for them. I’m doing a session on it and I hope you can make it. All you have to do is register at the link below. If you can’t make it to our session, go ahead and register anyway, and I will send you the recording when it’s done.

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