If you want to separate yourself from all the other agents out there and take your career to the next level, you need to remember the 20 C’s. In time, I’ll share all of these with you and explain why each one is important, but for today I’ll start with the most important C: coachable. 

As an agent, you have to be coachable. This isn’t about needing to hire a coach; it’s about opening your eyes to the opportunities that are out there to learn from. 

I can sit down with anyone, even those who don’t have as much experience as me, and learn something from them. Why? Because my eyes are open. I’m willing to listen to them, and I believe that everybody has something to provide me.

“This isn’t about you getting a coach; it’s about you opening your eyes to the opportunities that are out there to learn from.”

Along with being coachable, you have to continue your education. In real estate, education means learning about the real estate industry and learning how to sell. You have to do these things if you want to be successful, and that’s why being coachable is so valuable. 

So open your mind and keep education at the forefront of your life. Every day I educate myself, and ever since I started doing this, my business has taken off. And don’t forget to learn from other people—even if you think they don’t know anything, they probably do, and you can identify bits and pieces of information that can help you. 

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