I hosted my first “How to Grow Your Business to $10 Million” event the other day, which included lunch provided by Larry Steinway of Guaranteed Rate. It was a small group, open only to producers—though not necessarily big producers. Ideally, we were looking to target those who have been in the business for a couple of years and have tried a few different strategies. Some are last-minute ideas, and others are highly planned out and have links on Eventbrite.

As I was creating a presentation on how to increase your business’ sales volume to $10 million in 12 months, I reflected on my own journey to this benchmark. In my first year, I sold $3 million; in my second year, I sold $11 million; and in my third year, I sold $24 million. Is it luck? Is it hard work? Did I pay for a lot of things along the way? I was able to map it all out, isolating 10 key items I feel were crucial to my success. None of those 10 things cost a dime. 

Don’t hesitate to head over to my site and register for my events, most of which are already scheduled out for the next few months. If we can continue to have more interest, we may increase frequency.

“eXp’s passive income strategy is of its many strengths.”

I also have another event I’d like to elaborate on; in “eXp Explained,” I share details on the virtual brokerage that, though scarcely known here in Illinois, has taken over the country with 26,000 agents now active. I’ve worked for many brokerages over the years, and have cherished the friends I made and the lessons I learned at each one, but eXp has changed the game. 

It’s an 80/20 split for everyone, no matter what, up until you sell about $3 million in real estate, at which point you get 100% of your commission. eXp also affords agents a phenomenal lead generation website called KDCore. Since eXp is a publicly traded company, you do get stock compensation as well. 

eXp’s passive income strategy is of its many strengths, so come out and learn more about it at my “eXp Explained” events, currently held every two weeks. Arthur Blanchou  of Fairway Mortgage will be providing lunch for us. Again, this is a small group, so sign up now for a no-obligation chat. 

If you’re interested in these events but feel as though you won’t be able to attend, please reach out to me by phone or email with any questions. I’d be happy to speak with you.